I’ve spent the last hour reading and trying to understand the codex and have decided to just throw myself into it, rules be damned! I’ll either get it right or learn one hell of a lesson.

This introductory post isn’t going to be terribly deep. It’s not even going to be terribly introductory. I’m tired and damp. I smell like campfire and I still need to clear today’s partially completed projects off of my bed so that I can go to sleep. That said, I ate delicious sausage and asparagus pizza that we cooked on the wood burning grill in the backyard. It was only appropriate that the sky opened up to christen it’s maiden voyage. I enjoyed my pizza with beer, good company and Futurama – all is right in my world.

Today was highly productive from both a creative and personal perspective. I got tons of things done (including finally getting the page up, if not running) and am really excited about the prospect of diving into tuning and tweaking until everything is exactly the way I want. I’ll try and get an actual introduction and some more info about me up this weekend. Hopefully by then, I’ll have found my voice!

It seems that tweaking will have to wait. I was hoping to throw up a photo I took of the grill. Unfortunately, JPG images appear to be a no go for “security reasons” according to the media uploader. I’m too tired to even attempt to figure it out right now.

Instead, I’m off to bed. Hopefully, by the time anyone reads any of this, I’ll have gotten my act together.

Goodnight world.